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Scaling a SNMP Version 3 trap receiver using Java

Phil explains how to write a scalable SNMP Trap and Inform message receiver in Java using SNMP4J. He also explains what SNMP is and surrounding ideas such as TCP and UDP.

Web Lecture Series – Week 1

It seems like its been a while since I last posted to my blog.  As usual, the mid semester grind is hitting my time hard, so I don’t have the resources to write here as often.  Thankfully this is my last semester as a Masters student, *yay*.   So coming up soon, I will be writing a blog on regular expressions, I’m still in the process of making it, so it might take a while.  I’ve also got a great blog for April fools day, so stay tuned for that!

Now onto the topic of this blog.  This is a video blog (go figure, right?).  Actually, I was asked by the IEEE student club at UB (http://wings.buffalo.edu/sa/ieee) to redo my lecture series on developing websites.  I know that my website isn’t the best visually designed website in the world (and I’m actively looking for talent that can help me fix this in exchange for my programming skills), but I do know a lot about how to code websites well.

Being the kind of person who likes to share knowledge, I agreed to give the lecture series with updated information.  John suggested that I video tape the lectures and post them to my blog, which I thought was a great suggestion.  So in the next 5 to 6 weeks, I will be posting youtube 720p HD recordings of the lecture series to here.  Feel free to watch it and make comments about my presentation skills.  I know that I’m not perfect, so I’m always open to suggestions!

As always, thanks for reading!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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